Significantly empowering
and a ‘life changing’ experience

Lynley offered a notably refreshing approach and interpretation of my life story, which enabled me to explore and understand my life in new and important ways. These discoveries had an immediate and tangible impact on my day to day life.   

Lynley’s caring and intuitive approach strengthens my hope and integrity while I continue to work through the hard stuff.  I feel strengthened, guided, and partnered while exploring the issues I need to.  Of most significance to me is Lynley’s highly consistent and professional approach, it counts for a lot.  I always feel that I am exploring things in a safe, supported and contained space that I am in charge of.

I have found, and continue to find these sessions significantly empowering and in the words of my partner this is (and has already been) a ‘life changing’ experience

- Jane

Down-to-earth, compassionate, understanding, and genuine.

Lynley supported me through a really dark time of my life dealing with PTSD, severe anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. I've managed to come through thanks to her guidance and having a safe confidential place to talk and seek help.

She is incredibly down to earth and so easy to talk to, I never felt like I was in a typical counselling appointment but sitting down with a friend but still receiving professional support and tools to improve my health and situation. Lynley is very real and genuine with what she had to say in our sessions and I felt really respected with this treatment also. She was consistently warm, compassionate, understanding, and genuine.

She frequently validated how I was feeling which was huge and a big relief for me to have someone who understood and related to what I was feeling. I have never had such a great experience before with counselling. She listened so well and we had so many great break through conversations and at other times lots of laughs.  She gave me very useful practical tools and knew what I needed before I did but praised me for driving my own recovery too.

She is a very warm intelligent individual who made my recovery so much quicker. I really enjoyed going to my sessions with her and will miss her friendly and supportive chats. I wish I had taken a photo of myself on day 1 at my darkest point vs now and how much lighter and happier I feel. I no longer suffer from panick attacks, and my anxiety is manageable now - hardly feel it at all these days. I feel like I am well equiped now to stay healthy and cope with stress and the unexpected in life.  Thank you so much Lynley for providing such wonderful support and kindness in a very dark time of my life. You could not have done any better by me.

- anonymous